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Dragon Magazine #230-236

#236 Faith and Hope.  December 1996.
	-Heroes of Faith-- Create your own specialty clergy with these new Skills and Powers.
	-The Seldarine Revisited-- Never before seen, the forgotten deities of the elven pantheon.
	-Elemental Summoning Gone Wild-- If anything can go wrong...
	-Mystics, Miracles, and Meditations-- New priest kits and proficiencies for the Masque of the Red Death setting.
	-The Ruin of Adlersburg-- A haunting in the Havens of the Great Bay. 
	-Tracking the Faith-- Keep those priests in line with Piety Points.
	-Children of the Night-- Three unusual new vampires for the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting or your own campaign world.
	-Arcane Lore: Demihuman Priest Spells-- Spells for the dwarven, elven, gnomish, and halfling priests of your campaign.
	-Wyrms of the North: Deszeldaryndun Silverwing-- When you're on the run from Balagos, who can you turn to?
#235 The Lure of the Sea.  November 1996.
	-Planar Heroes-- Skills and Powers give you the edge you need to survive the multiverse - or any Prime Plane for that matter. This huge special feature provides PLAYER'S OPTION rules especially for the PLANESCAPE setting , but adaptable to any fantasy role-playing world.
	-Mage on Deck!--The Shipmage: Don't leave port without one.
	-Dragon's Bestiary: Monsters of the Lower Deep-- Venture too deep into the ocean's depths, and these are the fishes you'll end up feeding.
	-Arcane Lore I: Sea Spells-- A full compliment of spells to save you from a watery grave.
	-Ecology of the Troglodyte-- OK, so they stink. But they're very sensitive about it.
	-Arcane Lore II: Spells of the Scaled-- A few nasty surprises from some cold-blooded spellcasters.
	-Dungeon Mastery: Let's Get Physical-- The basics of physical Dming.
#234 Beyond the Grave.  October 1996.
	-Nocturnal Crusade-- In the war against the undead, the wise crusader arms himself.
	-The Draconomicon-- The dracolich isn't the only form of undead dragon, only the greatest. Here are the "lesser evils."
	-The Book of Souls-- Some books really should be banned.
	-Crypt Rangers & Defenders-- It's one thing to stay overnight in a graveyard on a dare...
	-Undead Again-- Death has never been the end to a hero's career, but this isn't what you probably had in mind.
	-Artifacts of Athas-- The magical artifacts of the DARK SUN setting are just as dangerous as they are powerful. 
	-Wyrms of the North: Daurgothoth-- The most fearsome of the great wyrms are those that just don't know when to die. 
	-Dragon's Bestiary: A Necromancer's Armory-- The necromancer's weapons are walking nightmares. 
	-DRAGON DICE Game: Swampstalkers-- Add some cold-blooded killers to your armies.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Lich Magical Items-- Why should the good guys have all the wonderful toys?
#233 Courts & Royalty.  September 1996.
	-Going to Court-- Where etiquette is more powerful than blind-fighting , and Charisma more telling than Strength.
	-On Wings of Eagles-- The loftiest of the elves are those that soar high above the forests.
	-Fiendish Fortresses-- The infernal bastions of the Blood War can be a royal pain to the fiendish lords who lay siege to them.
	-Wyrms of the North-- Volo and Elminster warn us of a manipulative green dragon who would be queen.
	-Campaign Classics: Scions of the Desert-- The Land of Fate is the perfect setting for the bloodlines and domains of regents.
	-DRAGON DICE Game: Back to Basics-- Strategy tips on deploying the original four races in the battle to rule Esfah.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Magical Armor-- Armor, helms, and shields fit for a king.
	-Game Wizards: The Rod of Seven Parts-- Where in the world are the pieces to this fabled artifact? Well, that depends on the world you're in...
#232 Weapons Great & Small.  August 1996.
	-Weapons of the Waves-- Seapower can be the key to conquest in any nautical campaign.
	-En Garde!-- Shh! Here are the secrets of the deadliest swordsmen in the SAVAGE COAST campaign.
	-And the Walls Came Down-- The most famous of siege engines, by way of legerdemain and legend.
	-A Flurry of Swords-- A sword is a sword is a sword. Right?
	-Sorcerous Sixguns-- What barks over here and bites over there? This ain't your father's magic missile!
	-The Ecology of the Roper-- Discover the nature of these Underdark horrors through the strange "visits" of a most unusual guide.
	-DRAGON DICE Game: Magestorm!-- Introducing the magical weapons of the battle for Esfah, including new minor terrains and the fearsome dragonkin.
	-Wyrms of the North-- Elminster and Volo describe the depredations of one of the mightiest red wyrms of Faerūn.
#231 Thieves and Spies.  July 1996.
	-The Master Thief-- When you're the best you are at what you do, how can you get any better?
	-The Thief Who Came in from the Cold-- Tired of picking pockets? Sick of running from the law? Well, when you can't beat 'em...
	-The Spying Game-- A player's primer to the game of spying - but be ready to play for keeps.
	-Defilers & Preservers-- Six powerful new wizard kits for the devastated lands of Athas.
	-Wyrms of the North-- Beware when this lonely dragon asks you up for a bite.
	-The Game Wizards: DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE-- The world of Krynn is back, this time with a dramatic new game system.
	-DRAGON DICE Game: Something Wild-- The feral are ready to run rampant through the armies of your opponents.
#230 The Might of Dragons.  June 1996.
	-The Orbs of Dragonkind-- Eight powerful artifacts from the world of Oerth, each as dangerous to the wielder as to the dragons they were designed to control.
	-Dragonslayers-- You'll need every possible edge to join the ranks of the dragonslayers.
	-Dragons of Legend-- From Fafnir to Smaug , the dragons of fantasy literature range from the fearsome to the absurd.
	-Fire on the Five Peaks-- Two of the terible wyrms of Cerilia are nearly lost to legend. One of them is even more dangerous dead than alive.
	-Wyrms of the North-- The premier installment of a new series detailing the most powerful dragons of the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting.
	-Arcane Lore: Dragon Dweomers-- Terrible new enchantments and powerful magical items to make the bravest dragonslayer tremble.
	-Rogue's Gallery: Heroes of the Highlands-- Your heroes from the BIRTHRIGHT setting's newest campaign expansion.
	-DRAGON DICE Game: Rise of the Undead-- The first in a new department! Introducing the undead, a powerful new force in the battle for control of Efsah.