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Dragon Magazine #220-229

#229 Specialist Wizardry.  May 1996.
	-Magic Miscibility-- So you've got all this magic. What can go wrong?
	-The Rhabdomancer-- It's finders keepers for mages who specialize in divining and dousing.
	-Illusions of Grandeur-- Hear Emil Duli Wonk tell you what you really need to know for your PC illusionists.
	-Curses-- When you want to do your very worst...
	-A Wizards' Three-- Three new mages: frost wizards, fiend slayers, and spiritualists.
	-The Dimensional Wizard-- A new kit for wizards specializing in dimensions and planar travel.
	-Survival of the Smartest-- Heed your instructor and keep those 1st-level mages alive.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: The Magic of India-- Magical items from the India of song and legend.
	-Rogue's Gallery: Tylk-- Meet Til-Kyrmeldur ap Puirdoch, Tylk to his friends. This half-elven druid/ranger believes in the goodness of all.
	-Campaign Classics: The Wu Jen-- The powerful mage from the Oriental Adventures gets a facelift for 2nd Edition.
	-Dungeon Mastery: "A" is for NPC-- Tips on making a Grade-A NPC.
	-Magic Doesn't Always Go "Boom"-- Not all magic has to be flashy.
#228 The Campaign (and Humor!)  April 1996.
	-Real Jungles-- Forget those Tarzan movies. Let us tell you about campaigning in the real jungle.
	-101 Uses for a Wet Blanket-- The humble woolen blanket can save your PC's life. You'll never look at bed linens the same way.
	-The Athalantan Campaign-- What were the Realms like when Elminster was young? Venture to the Kingdom of Athalantar to find out.
	-All in the Family-- Give your PCs more depth and your game more motivation by making family ties bind.
	-Greater Familiars of Faerūn-- Here's a solution for when your mage's animal companions become too familiar.
	-Venturing into the City-- Sooner or later, you have to deal with a city-based campaign. It's best to be ready.
	-Final Quest: They Deserved It-- Ten really embarassing ways to die.
	-The Dragon's Worstiary: Golems-- They're new... they're terrifying... they're chocolate, chia, and plush golems!
	-Rogue's Gallery: Gangsters of the Underdark-- Can adventurers survive against these members of the real underworld? Only Sir Elliot of Kness knows.
	-Dungeon Mastery: The DM's Quick Random Campaign Generator-- One d12 is all you need to create truly memorable campaigns.
	-What's So Funny?-- Can serious games be fun, too?
#227 The Lure of the Underground.  March 1996.
	-The Secrets of Successful Dungeon Building-- It's more than just drawing lines on a sheet of graph paper. How do you really design a dungeon that breathes?
	-Report from Undermountain-- In Waterdeep, there is a tavern that holds the entrance to one of the biggest, meanest dungeons ever made. Here's what's been happening lately.
	-Journeys to the Deepest Dungeons-- Okay, you want to explore the Underdark. To improve your player character's chances of survival, read this first.
	-They're in the Book-- How do you hide a clue in the library? Better yet, how do you find a clue in a library?
	-And the Rockets' Red Glare-- Firework magic adds a new aura of flash and dash to your mage's portfolio.
	-Dragon's Bestiary: Monsters of the Underdark-- Ten new terrifying creatures from the world without light, presented in MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM style.
	-Ecology of the Osquip-- Oh, rats!
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Dwarven Magical Items-- Why do we think only elves have the edge when it comes to producing magical items?
	-Down to Scale: Paint Like a Pro-- Some simple tricks that can make your miniatures really come to life.
#226 Mastering the Dungeon.  February 1996.
	-The Magic Goes Away-- What's the secret to game balance? Could it be limiting the number and power of users of magic?
	-Rome May Not Have Been Built In a Day, But... -- Your campaign world can be. This simple step-by-step walkthrough shows how to make one in just a few hours.
	-Off-the-Cuff NPCs-- The key to an enjoyable gaming experience is memorable NPCs, and now you can create a few in no more time than it takes to read this blurb.
	-Improve with Improv-- Improvisational skills are not just for musicians. Good DMs need to be able to make rulings and come up with game elements on the fly.
	-Dot to Dot-- They may all look alike on the map, but not all cities are identical. Don't make all your towns clones of each other.
	-Powers From the Past-- Sometimes it's the things people do that make their objects magical.
	-Arcane Lore: Monsoons and the Power of Om-- These powerful new wizard and priest spells come from the Indian subcontinent.
	-Game Wizards: The Ultimate Dungeon Master's Aid-- At long last! The AD&D game core reference books (and more!) are on CD-ROM.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Magical Scabbards and Sheaths-- Sometimes, it's not the sword that's magical...
	-Rogue's Gallery: Theahtyn-- Meet Theahtyn, a powerful dwarven fighter. Just when his life was calming down, tragedy struck. Now he is coming out of retirement, and he has a mission. 
	-Campaign Classics: The Magical Sands of Zakhara-- When your world is surrounded by sand, that becomes the tool you use. These wondrous sands were once the exclusive possession of sha'irs.
	-Miniature Player Character Record Sheets-- Special for this issue, keep track of characters without the binders.
#225 Building a Better PC!  January 1996.
	-Skills & Powers in Eight Easy Steps-- Following this simple step-by-step how-to, you can design unique player characters using the new PLAYER'S OPTION: Skills & Powers book.
	-Secret Origins and Motivations of Player Characters-- A little skeleton in the closet never hurt anyone. Sometimes it gives a whole new spin to the way your PC views the world, and the way the world views your PC.
	-Caste of Characters-- The Indian subcontinent comes alive with new PC and NPC kits; from paladin-like Kshatrias to ascetic Yogis, it's all here.
	-I'm Okay, You're One-Dimensional-- Having trouble coming up with a clear personality for your PCs? Look no farther than the nearest TV screen.
	-Back in the Saddle (Again)-- Why is mining a Wisdom-based skill? Time for a fresh look at how we handle nonweapon 	proficiencies.
	-Campaign Classics: Three Greyhawk Grimoires-- Learn about the spellbooks of the most feared mages of Oerth: Vecna, Iggwilv, and Acererak.
	-Rogue's Gallery: D'Naleri-- Meet D'Naleri, a 9th-level elven fighter/mage. Behave well; for even though he is in self-imposed exile, the blood of elven kings flows in his veins.
	-Dungeon Mastery: What to do When Your Party Wants to Split Up-- Next time your players want to go off in different directions, try this little trick to keep things interesting.
	-DRAGON DICE Tournament Rules-- Here they are: the official Floor Rules for DRAGON DICE tournaments. Complete with record sheets!
	-The Changing Faces of DRAGON Magazine-- A retrospective of the past designs of DRAGON Magazine.
#224 Fantastic Architecture.  December 1995.
	-The Castle Designer's Guide to Coping with Magic and the Supernatural-- Medieval architects never had to worry about attackers riding dragons, or with wands of fireballs. How can a fantasy castle designer cope?
	-Elven Cities & Settlements-- This random generator provides a quick solution to designing customized elven cities.
	-Sleep of Ages-- Explore dwarven tombs built by master architects, and learn the secrets of their master traps.
	-A Thousand and One Words-- Don't just say "I hit the orc"... it's dull. Being colorful in your descriptions can add a whole new dimension to your game.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Natural Endowments-- Magical items for the more nature-oriented or primitive sets.
	-The History of the Rod of Seven Parts-- Here's the inside story of the AD&D game's best-known artifact, from the man who may- or may not- have created it in the first place.
	-The Chronology of Krynn-- Ever wonder about which of those DRAGONLANCE stories came first, and what happened when?
	-The Ecology of the Lammasu-- These lion-men, powerful protectors of law and good, stand watch over those who need protecting.
#223 Beasts Fell and Terrible.  November 1995.
	-The Lords of the Nine-- The Lords of the Nine Layers of Baator have been revealed at last. Do you dare read about them?
	-Primal Rage-- Straight to your campaign from the hottest video game of our time come three new demi-gods.
	-The Right Monster for the Right Adventure-- Picking your scenario appropriately will make the many horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos that much more terrifying.
	-Dragon's Bestiary: Four Guardian Gargoyles-- If you think you know all about gargoyles - think again.
	-DRAGON DICE Magical Effect Cards-- A gaming accessory to make your DRAGON DICE warfare easier.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Nine Rings to Rule Them All-- Nine new rings for attack, defense, and esoteric pursuits.
	-Ecology of the Chitine-- A drow scout reports her observations of a tribe of Chitine.
	-Interview: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman-- The authors of the newest DRAGONLANCE novel, Dragons of Summer Flame, discuss Krynn, writing , and the dawning Fifth Age.
#222 The Many Forms of Horror.  October 1995.
	-The Death Knight-- To keep your campaign lively, sometimes you need a little extra-powerful un-life.
	-The Necrology of the Penanggalon-- Some forms of undead are so terrifying and fell that even mighty paladins can fall prey to their powers.
	-Roaming the Realms: The Green Elves of Faerūn-- Don't travel in Faerūn without reading this ranger's report on some of the notable and more infamous tribes of elves dwelling in the realms.
	-Interview: Steven Brust-- Sit back for an illuminating chat with the man who gave us Vlad Taltos.
	-It's All in the Details-- Illusions are potentially more deadly than you think.
	-Adding Substance to Psionic Combat-- It's mental combat, so try using imagination in its execution.
	-Running Scared... and Really Fast!-- Scare your superheroes right out of their tights.
	-Who Needs Hit Points When You Have Credit?-- Eight ways to give 0-level bad guys an edge over powerful PCs. 
	-Secrets of the Sunless Seas-- In the depths of the Underdark, the powerful aboleths use glyph magic.
	-A Slither in the Dark-- A retired officer of the British Raj reflects on his encounter with a fierce creature of the Mythos.
#221 Uncovering the Arcane Arts.  September 1995.
	-In Dreams-- Venture beyond the walls of sleep, into the land of the dream wizards.
	-Magic of Kings, Magic of the Land-- Potent magic comes from a mage-king's connection to the land he rules.
	-The Little Wish-- Is the cantrip magical garbage or an overlooked treasure? Uses for the apprentice's favorite (and only) spell.
	-Ley of the Land-- To master the greatest magic, a wizard regent needs conduits of magical power.
	-Arcane Lore: Zala's Book of Barriers-- Away with ye! Making abjuration fun.
	-Eight Ways to Tame the Dark Overlord-- Helping PCs survive and flourish against archvillains.
	-Dragon's Bestiary: Lords of Chaos-- The frog-men are coming! The frog-men are coming!
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Magical Items for Familiars-- Helpful features for helpful creatures.
	-Ecology of the Crystal Spider-- A web of sunlight, a shell of steel, and a mind the size of a walnut.
	-101 Uses for a Portable Hole-- Would you believe that six canoes fit in one of these babies?
#220 Plotting and Scheming.  August 1995.
	-Stratagems and Dirty Tricks-- Learn from the masters of deception: advice for Dms and players.
	-The Politics of Empire-- Put not your faith in the princes of this world - achieve victory in the BIRTHRIGHT campaign through superior scheming. 
	-Hired Killerz-- Meet Vlad Taltos, and see how assassins can play a crucial role in any RPG. 
	-The College of Apportation-- Sometimes a teleport is just a teleport, but sometimes...
	-Dice Advice-- The Diceman Cometh: how to play the DRAGON DICE game.
	-The Thought Police-- No more whimpy watch! Giving the city guard psionic powers.
	-Arcane Lore: Sea Magic-- Sail away with maritime magic.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Elven Magic-- We know they make great cloaks and boots: what other magical tricks do elven wizards have up their sleeves?
	-Dangerous Ground-- Fights are more fun when your character is twelve stories up.