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Dragon Magazine #210-219

#219 The Ring of Steel.  July 1995.
	-At Sword's Point-- Sometimes it's more fun to dodge and parry than hack and slash.
	-Run! A Guide to Heroic Flight-- Learn how brave Sir Robin runs away.
	-Out of Armor-- A guide to fancy footwork and armor-free combat for DMs and players.
	-Pirate Crews and Retinues-- What happens when specialized fighters gain followers?
	-Ecology of the Black Pudding-- Deep below the earth, two adventurers come face-to-face with a slimy terror.
	-The Wizards Three-- Ed, the wizards, and a few friends get together for a weenie roast. 
	-What's a Wizard to Do?-- Is the BIRTHRIGHT setting nothing more than a battleground for musclebound fighters? Heck, no!
#218 Wing, Fire, and Claw.  June 1995.
	-Tarazin the Gray-- After a few thousand years, this dragon has learned a few tricks.
	-Dragon Intrigues-- If you thought dragons were tough in combat, wait until they work against you behind the scenes.
	-Dragon Dweomers-- Dragons claws, fangs, and breath weapons are potent weapons - and these new spells help make them more potent still. You have been warned.
	-The Spice of Life-- Multiple plots add variety to any campaign - and give players more freedom.
	-Magic Resistance, Step by Step-- How to resolve the thorny knot of resistance - without losing friends.
	-The Nature of Evil-- What does it take to make a truly despicable villain?
	-Ecology of the Bird Maiden-- Truth and treachery intertwine in this tale from the desert.
#217 Creative Campaigning.  May 1995.
	-Boons and Benefits-- Compensate your PCs with rewards far more valuable than mere cash or jewels.
	-Behind Enemy Lines-- The PCs are trapped in hostile territory with an entire army chasing them. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? 
	-Two Heads are Better than One-- Split the game master's chores between two people.
	-Class Action-- How about a party of only fighters, thieves, clerics, or mages?
	-En-psycho-slade-ica Magica-- Presenting the random generation tables for all the magical items in the ENCYCLOPEDIA MAGICA books.
#216 "Hey. What the...!!!".  April 1995.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Limited Collectors' Editions of the Works of Bargle the Infamous-- We liked this article so much, we made TSR's Games Dep't., hire Steven.
	-April Fool's Faxions-- Add these "faxions" to your PLANESCAPE campaign. We mean it, go ahead, please...
	-Bards on the Run-- We just can't seem to stop printing these silly songs. We know it's sick and wrong , but we're hooked. It's an illness, really.
	-Paths of Power-- Let's get serious: here's an alternative magic system for the AD&D game spellcasters.
	-The Auld Alliance-- You can keep your gaming group together for the long haul if you follow Arthur's advice.
	-Elminster's Notebook-- In which El answers the burning question: "What are those kobolds up to?" (Oh, about 3-foot-nothing. (Sorry, that's an old gnomish joke.)
#215 A Gathering of Gaming Guidance.  March 1995.
	-Putting Evil to Good Use-- "No, that's okay, I'll take that cursed item."
	-Gaming with Style-- What style of role-player are you?
	-The Beginner's Game-- Treat your novice gamers right and they'll stick around.
	-The Ecology of the Amphisbaena-- This is one instance where two heads are worse than one.
	-Donning a New Masque-- Presenting new kits and a PC sheet for Masque of the Red Death campaigns.
	-The Deities of Africa-- Use these gods to flesh out your African campaign pantheons.
#214 Explore the World of Elves.  February 1995.
	-The Complete Half-Elf-- Give your half-elf PCs these kits designed specifically for them.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Arcane Elven Artifacts-- Add these elven artifacts to your campaign.
	-Dragon's Bestiary: Squirrel-Men-- Meet the smallest (and furriest) elf-friends of all.
	-For Truth and Justice-- Create better superheroic exploits with this adventure checklist.
	-Ecology of the Neogi-- This is but the first of of two (count 'em) "Ecologies" in this issue.
	-Lost Empires-- "Discover" a lost land such as Atlantis for your game world.
	-Nasty Tricks-- Try these stratagems on your next SPELLFIRE game opponent.
	-Ecology of the Owlbear-- Yes! This long-promised article finally makes it into print.
#213 Prospecting the Planes.  January 1995.
	-Godsmen, Bleakers, Guvners, and Takers-- Discover the secrets of the PLANESCAPE setting's factions.
	-The Demiplane of Shadow-- Add this land of twilight nightmares to your AD&D game.
	-Planar Personalities-- Meet four NPC residents of Sigil, the City of Doors.
	-You Never Know Who You'll Meet-- Use these encounter lists to spice up your planar campaign.
	-Series Magic-- Our chronicler gets a visit from Khelben himself- alone.
	-Elminster's Notebook-- Study the "ambitious youngster", Aldreth Fireshar.
#212 A Holiday Gift of Advice for GMs.  December 1994.
	-Hitting the Books-- Make your adventures more like fantasy stories.
	-Reruns: Adventures that Improve with Age-- Get more than one use out of that module or adventure.
	-Consider the Consequences-- Every character action should have a campaign reaction.
	-Tricks of the Trade-- Learn to become not just a DM, but a story teller.
	-Psychic Proficiencies-- Add these mental powers to your Masque of the Red Death Victorian horror campaign.
#211 An Underground Extravaganza.  November 1994.
	-The Ecology of the Dungeon-- Bring your dungeons alive with this advice.
	-Sight in the Darkness-- Open your eyes to the possibilities of infravision.
	-Fungi of the Underdark-- More grows in the Underdark than just dwarves and drow.
	-"I Sing a Song by the Deep-Water Bay"-- Learn how the Harpers operate in Waterdeep.
	-Topkapi Palace-- Spice up your fantasy castles with bits of history.
	-The Wizards Three-- Ed gets another visit from those mirthful mages.
#210 One Strange Wild Dark Long Halloween.  October 1994.
	-Dead or Alive?-- What does resurrection magic mean to your campaign world?
	-Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Ghost?-- Make your game sessions truly horrific with these tips.
	-Too Evil to Die-- Myths and games come together in these variant undead creatures.
	-A Monster in the Classical Tradition-- Terrify your CALL OF CTHULHU PCs with this horror from Greek mythology.
	-Campaign Journal-- Plant these seeds of adventures in your Athasian campaign.
	-Arcane Lore: Needle Magic-- "Be careful with that needle, you could put an eye out."
	-Primitive Weaponry-- Equip your fighters with these exotic weapons.
	-Elminster's Notebook-- Learn the lore of the Serpent Blade.