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Dragon Magazine #190-199

#199 Welcome to the Wild World of Monsters.  November 1993.
	-Opening the Book of Beasts-- Medieval bestiaries had some odd ideas about animals - ideas DMs can add to their campaigns.
	-Crude, But Effective-- Battle tactics for humanoid monsters, courtesy of Elmonster.
	-The Dragon's Bestiary: Those Terrible Trolls-- Several new types to regenerate interest in the species.
	-The Known World Grimoire-- Explore the possibilities of fantasy heraldry.
	-Campaign Journal: The Black Pegasus Trading Co.-- Meet an enterprising crew of spelljamming merchants.
	-Romancing the Stoneskin-- Solutions to a sorcerous problem, compiled from Forum letters.
	-The Dragon Project: Dunklezahn-- A datafile on the only dragon that hosts his own talk show.
	-Ready, Aim, Fire!-- Engineering the use of artillery in the D&D game.
#198 Ready For an October Walk?  October 1993.
	-Pin Back Their Ears!-- Anyone can have a lycanthrope player character - for a price.
	-The False Undead-- They're not dead, but they like their victims that way.
	-Beyond the Grave-- The wight stuff; or, Unearthing stories about Mummy and Dead.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Nightmarish monsters from the murky pits of your imagination! In color, too!
	-The Dragon Project: Mr. Josh Wellmeat-- You won't expect a CALL OF CTHULHU game dragon to be normal, would you?
	-The Dragon Project: The Darkwyrm-- The cold and the dark surround the DARK CONSPIRACY game's Darkwyrm.
	-Campaign Journal: Scimitars Against the Dark-- The horrors of Arabia are revealed in this variant AL-QADIM setting.
	-Soul-Swords & Spirit-Slayers-- Honor is everything (even food, for some) in Oriental Adventures.
#197 Gaming: It's a Wonderful Life.  September 1993. 
	-The Ecology of the Giant Scorpion-- Think invisibility will save you? Think again.
	-Perils & Postage-- How to play an AD&D campaign when each player lives in a different city.
	-By Mail or by Modem?-- An AD&D game works just as well by BBS as by USPS (and maybe better).
	-The Dragon's Bestiary: Forgotten Evil-- It's not a petting zoo: four new monsters from the FORGOTTEN REALMS 	setting.
	-The Known World Grimoire-- The world of Mystara is changing , but how? Turn to page 41 to find out.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- It's a dirty world in the streets - but your hero's there to clean it up.
	-Beyond the Dark Horizon-- New spells, new magical items, and new trouble for the DARK SUN world.
	-The Dragon Project: The Tale of Albrenegan-- In the ARS MAGICA world, this dragon's dreams are worse than its bite.
#196 Good Advice for Great Game Masters.  August 1993.
	-The Greatest and Most Honorable Adventure-- Politics: It's a dangerous business, but someone's got to do it - namely, you.
	-Cultivating Campaign Cultures-- How to make foreign lands really foreign; or, "What's this elf doing in my soup?" "Simmering."
	-The Art of Storytelling-- What players need most is a game master who is a bard in disguise.
	-Organization is Everything-- And, for a dedicated game master, we do mean everything.
	-The Known World Grimoire-- The only good orcs - NOT! The worst of the worst orcs in the D&D Known World.
	-Novel Ideas-- It's about time; at last, the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign timeline!
	-Three Wizards Too Many-- They were powerful, they were wise, they were taking a break! Elminster, Dalamar, and Mordenkainen trade secrets.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Figurines-- These new figurines of power are rather wondrous, aren't they?
#195 The World Belongs to the Warriors.  July 1993.
	-So, You Want to be a Samauri?-- If you want an authentic Oriental swordsman, you need to know some history.
	-To All a Good Knight-- Three orders of knighthood, ready for your high-fantasy campaigns.
	-Real Warriors Ride Elephants-- Want to start out with your very own pachyderm? Here's how.
	-Overcoming Obstacles-- The greatest MARVEL UNIVERSE super-heroes have problems that won't go away.
	-Campaign Journal: Fitting into the New WORLD OF GREYHAWK Setting-- How to make your WORLD OF GREYHAWK setting match the official version.
	-Up Front, In Charge-- Leadership is not just for player characters. It's for players, too.
#194 Dragons: Good to the Last Bite - And Beyond.  June 1993.
	-Dragon Dogfights!-- Battle it out with these aerial AD&D rules for dragon miniatures.
	-The Dragon Project: Dexter & Cornelius-- A (not very) ferocious dragon and a (not very) heroic ally for the GURPS FANTASY game.
	-The Dragon Project: D.R.A.G.O.N-bot ver. 3.1-- Hell on wheels... not! A Troubleshooter's nightmare for the PARANOIA game.
	-The Known World Grimoire-- Why did my flying castle crash? The Day of Dread and other D&D game queries answered.
	-Breaking Them In-- Turn your group's novice gamers into old hands with these easy suggestions.
	-Gamma Terra Revisited-- New GAMMA WORLD game mutations that'll frighten every Pure Strain Human.
	-Campaign Journal: Slave Hunters and Silt Sailors-- The DARK SUN world's darkest array of character kits.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Tenser's Bottling Co., Inc.-- "What's a Tenser's tantalus, and why is it following me around?"
	-With a Bond of Magic-- Lightning and fire, ice and ash, pain and fear, all built right into your sword blade.
	-Novel Idea-- Are two DRAGONLANCE saga writers better than one? Our interviewer finds out.
#193 Evil Creeps in Caverns Deep.  May 1993.
	-Dungeoneering 101-- Dungeon trips: what to take, what to leave behind, and what's waiting up ahead.
	-Live Statues and Stone Men-- Dwarves, drow, and mind flayers have unpleasant surprises for unexpected guests.
	-The Known World Grimoire-- Taking castles apart, piece by piece, for your D&D game world.
	-The Druid Gets a Life-- New skills, new spells, and a new mission for nature priests.
	-The Dragon's Bestiary: They Came From the Outer Planes-- Three visitors from the outer planes drop in for a snack.
#192 And Now For Something Completely Serious.  April 1993.
	-"Don't You DARE!"-- A dozen rules of good role-playing that you should ignore.
	-What in the H...?-- Try this "devil" of a crossword puzzle.
	-Band on the Run-- When you read these lyrics, you'll know why no one wants to take credit for them.
	-Weapons of Mass Destruction: On Sale Now!-- Gnomish SPELLJAMMER weapons - need we say more?
	-The Dragon Project-- Our new "miniseries" debuts with Draconis Cybernetica.
	-The Known World Grimoire-- The sting and the sun: Details of the manscorpions. 
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Welcome to the tooniverse of SLAPSTICK.
	-In Praise of One-Night Gaming Stands-- A change of pace can enliven any gaming group.
	-Novel Ideas-- See what the Mists of Ravenloft have in store for you in 1993.
	-The Ecology (Love Life) of the Lamia-- Presenting one of Brendan Farwanderer's bawdier tails - er, tales.
#191 A Little Breath of Spring.  March 1993.
	-Horses Are People, Too-- If you can't describe your paladin's war horse, read this article.
	-Open Your Mind-- Psionicist kits, from gypsies to the thought police.
	-The Elven Pantheon - Completed!-- Where's Rillifane? A lost elven deity reappears for the AD&D 2nd Edition game.
	-Different Totes for Different Folks-- What's in your backpack? A look at the best in equipment for the D&D game.
	-An African Genesis-- New lore and legends from West Africa for AD&D games.
	-The Known World Grimoire-- Building armies by the numbers in the D&D game.
	-A Magical Personality-- Are wizards crazy, or do they just act that way? Role-playing notes for specialist mages.
	-Master of the Blade-- A smart sword is a great ally - if it's on speaking terms with you.
	-Campaign Journal: Risen From the Ashes-- Our new game-worlds column begins with a look at the new (and changing) WORLD OF GREYHAWK setting.
	-The Dragon's Bestiary: Faerie-Land-- Politeness counts when you meet the asrai and the faerie phiz.
	-Unearthed Mundana-- When a magical item won't do, use a nonmagical one that's twice as valuable.
#190 What Lurks Beneath the Waves.  February 1993.
	-Monsters of the Deep-- Half the danger in adventuring in the ocean involves the unfriendly inhabitants.
	-Deep Beneath the Waves-- And the other half of the danger lies in the environment itself.
	-The Ecology of the Actaeon-- Another good reason to be nice to Mother Nature.
	-Divide and Conquer-- Never split the party - but if you do, here's how to do it right.
	-The Known World Grimoire-- Back to basics: more on the economics of the D&D game world.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Whaddya know? A MARVEL SUPER HEROES "Sage Advice" column.
	-Novel Ideas-- On the horizon - shelves of great reading from TSR!
	-Sounds of Wonder & Delight-- What music is played during those long Arabian nights?
	-Unique Unicorns-- A stableful of all-new species for every land and clime.
	-Too Bizarre to be Magical-- The portrait that ruled a nation, and other psionic devices.