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Dragon Magazine #180-189

#189 Fantasy From the Rest of the World.  January 1993.
	-The Dark Continent-- Want a brand new land to challenge any adventurer? Here's Africa with a wild twist.
	-Arms & Armor of Africa-- You'd better know your knobkerrie from your isiHlangu.
	-The Other Orientals-- Can't wait for Oriental Adventures to hit the AD&D 2nd Edition game? Here it is!
	-Rhino's Arm, Tiger's Claws-- From "four mirror" armor to the talwar: what the well-equipped warrior uses in India.
	-The Known World Grimoire-- A new column on the AD&D game starts with some notes on fantasy economics. 
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Something Magical for the Complete Savage-- Barbarians have magic you wouldn't believe - or care to have used against you. 
	-Completing the Complete Bard-- Bards with lots of class and with no class at all: two new bard kits for the AD&D 2nd Edition game.
#188 Good Advice For Heroes: Watch It!  December 1992.
	-That's "Role," Not "Roll"!-- Thoughts on how the game master can help the players.
	-Be Nice to Your Referee--There's more to being a good gamer than rolling dice and painting miniatures.
	-Roles For Role-Players-- New ways to help your game master and keep the excitement high.
	-The Wizards Three-- A pleasant meeting between three worlds' most powerful spell-casters.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Swords Aplenty!-- Ten swords now lost (and up for grabs) in the FORGOTTEN REALMS 	setting.
	-Novel Ideas-- R.A. Salvatore reveals how a hero and his "legacy" were almost never born.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Not your normal undercover types: SHIELD's Super-Agents!
	-Mind Over Matter-- Which AD&D game character class is best? The psionicist, says this writer.
#187 Across the Beautiful, Savage Countryside.  November 1992.
	-The Wild, Wild Wilderness-- Rhinos, rattlesnakes, and realistic tactics of the animal world.
	-Deadlier Dinosaurs-- What's Dilophosaurus got that Tyrannosaurus doesn't? You don't want to find out in person!
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Magic of the Wilderness-- Druids need a boost - and here are the magical devices to do it.
	-The Ecology of the Dakon-- The "shabby apes" of the FIEND FOLIO tome get a facelift for the AD&D 2nd Edition game.
	-Arcane Lore: Elementalists-- Earth, air, fire, and water - an elementalist's playground for new spells.
	-The Lonely Harpist and the Lady Rogue-- Two half-elves to watch out for in the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Some spider-foes are very unpleasant indeed: Marvel's Deathweb takes a bow.
	-The Dragon's Bestiary-- This month: the aptly named kruel and the laziest (and most successful) feline carnivore.
	-Troubleshooting Your Games-- How can you make your game fun when the players are fighting amongst themselves? Some tips for all game masters.
#186 Halloween Greetings, Fresh From the Grave.  October 1992.
	-50 Castle Hauntings-- You don't want a mere ghost to scare the heroes. You want a ghost they'll remember forever.
	-Mission: Impossibly Dangerous!-- How to darken the future (and the characters' lives) in GDW's DARK CONSPIRACY game.
	-The Dragon's Bestiary: Unique Undead-- Three new undead: one good, one evil, and one that's rather shocking.
	-Welcome to the Neighborhood!-- How's the night life in the necropolis? Make cities sparkle in AD&D campaigns. 
	-Novel Ideas-- A new world opens in TSR's book lines - for the D&D game!
	-Give Your Villains a Fighting Chance-- Whatever tricks the players use work just as well for the evil wizards.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- The Thing That Shouldn't Exist meets The Monster From Planet X.
#185 At War For a World's Survival: Athas.  September 1992.
	-The Arena Master's Arsenal-- Ten of the deadliest weapons any fighter can hold.
	-Mastered, Yet Untamed-- Athas has no horses, but it does have driks, jalath'gak, and undead watroaches.
	-Twenty Tricks for Castle Defense-- Goblins knocking at your gates? Here's some advice for all castle owners.
	-Magic in the Evening-- The two most famous wizards of the FORGOTTEN REALMS and GREYHAWK campaigns meet at last!
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Operation: Galactic Storm is over, but memories of its heroes live on.
#184 Nonplayer Characters Have Fun, Too.  August 1992.
	-Courts & Courtiers-- A player has one character, but a game master has a thousand.
	-Really Good Bad Guys-- There's everyday scum, and then there's scum with imagination.
	-The 7-Sentence NPC-- Turn your nonplayer characters into people in just seven simple lines.
	-"You Again!"-- The worst enemies are those who never forget (and never stay dead).
	-The Referee's Code of Honor-- Six things you can do to run a better AD&D game.
	-Novel Ideas-- Author Troy Denning sheds light on his DARK SUN novels.
	-Magic With an Evil Bite-- The vilest race in the SPELLJAMMER universe just got worse.
	-Audible Glamour - Not Clamour-- Words are a game master's most powerful tools.
#183 Magic Plus Science Equals Wonder.  July 1992.
	-Magic & Technology Meet at Last!-- Welcome the fourth-edition GAMMA WORLD game - to your AD&D campaign.
	-Advice to a High Lord-- The intricate ins and outs of West End Game's TORG system.
	-"Avast, ye swabs, and heave to!"-- It's a pirates life in the SPELLJAMMER campaign!
	-Unidentified Gaming Objects-- A gamer's view of UFO theories (with a saucer-full of gaming hooks).
	-The Vikings' Dragons-- The rest of the linnorms, for better or Norse.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Double trouble for the foes of Excalibur: Cerise and Kylun.
#182 Dragons: Born of Imagination.  June 1992.
	-Not Cheaper by the Dozen-- Twelve of the DRAGONLANCE saga's most egg-citing creations.
	-The Vikings' Dragons-- Linnorms: the first of a two-part series on the Norse dragons.
	-The Dragon's Bestiary: Dragon-Kin-- Two other unhealthy branches of the dragon family tree.
	-Novel Ideas-- Two new horrific novels, spawned in the mists of Ravenloft.
	-The Wild, Wild World of Dice-- Okay, so how many six-sided dice do you own?
	-Kings of the Caravans-- A land like the FORGOTTEN REALMS requires tought merchants. 
	-Dragonslayers on the Screen-- Some handy guidelines for letting your computer be your DM.
	-"Ready! Aim! Fire!"-- What's so good about a crossbow? An on-target article for all fighters.
	-Psionics - In Living Color-- Add new richness to your AD&D game with these DM tips.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- What little surprises might Dr. Doom have in store for you?
#181 Every Great Wizard Starts With a Dream.  May 1992.
	-Sorcery & Strategy-- When it comes to warfare, don't get caught with your cloak of protection down.
	-Pages From the Mages-- Why don't you want to be hit by a blackstaff spell, and more.
	-That's Certainly Un-Familiar!-- Turn your black cat familiar into more than a liability.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Oriental Items-- Two mystical new items from the Orient: dragon bones and a sword of storms.
	-More Magic for Beginners-- You need magical items that won't unbalance your campaign? Look no further.
	-Homebody Heroes-- If you don't go adventuring , what good are you?
	-A Very Special Agent-- A TOP SECRET/S.I. game agent needs every advantage he can get.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- News you can use from the MARVEL UNIVERSE.
#180 Bringing a Little Chaos Into Your Life.  April 1992.
	-Suspend Your Disbelief-- Maybe it's fantasy, but your campaign must still make sense!
	-Not Another Magical Sword!?!-- Why own just any other magical sword when you can own a legend?
	-Your Basic Barbarian-- So your fighter has a 6 Intelligence. Make the most of it.
	-Hot Night in the Old Town-- If your cleric thinks his home life is dull, wait till the DM sees this!
	-Your Own Treasure Hunt-- When funds run low in your gaming club, it's time for a fund-raising adventure.
	-Novel Ideas-- Two new trilogies are launched from the two popular settings.
	-The Dragon's Bestiary: Peculiar Beasts-- A goat that knocks down walls, and a lizard that knocks down everything.
	-Wear Your Best Suit!-- The best defense is a battlesuit in the MARVEL SUPER HEROES game.
	-The Wanderers-- Wouldn't it be nice to have logical random-roll encounter tables?