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Dragon Magazine #170-179

#179 No Risk Is Too Great For Magical Treasure.  March 1992.
	-Picture This!-- Magical paintings that can save your life - or take it away.
	-Magic by Candlelight-- After you light one of these magical candles, be sure you stand way back.
	-Something Completely Different-- Liven up your treasure hoards with valuables that surprise as well as please.
	-Seven Enlightening Lanterns-- If you explore the dungeons of the FORGOTTEN REALMS, be sure to have one of these devices in hand.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Did you ever meet a super villain you wanted to laugh at rather than punch? 
	-Wonders of the Land of Fate-- The AD&D AL-QADIM setting has flying carpets, efreeti bottles, and much, much more.
	-Ladders to the Sky-- If an anchor drops from the sky, it means a SPELLJAMMER campaign is coming.
#178 The Way of the Fantasy Warrior.  February 1992.
	-The Three faces of Chivalry-- Role-play noble warriors in all new ways.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Magical Might-- Who's knocking at my door? Magical rams and more for the military.
	-Follow the Leader-- Paladins need all the help they can get - and here it is!
	-In Defense of Polearms-- You can't eat with a fauchard-fork, but it does a nice job on cavalry.
	-What Not to Include-- Who needs every dragon and elf species there is? Your world doesn't.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Having leftovers for your next campaign? Try these two.
	-Novel Ideas-- A year's worth of high adventure is coming from TSR!
	-A Swing and a Hit-- Some disarming new combat techniques to put a choke hold on your TOP SECRET/S.I. campaign.
	-Where's the Thief?-- The thieves' guild joins the 2nd Edition BATTLESYSTEM game.
	-Just Who Are These Folks?-- If you've got some catching up to do on The Twilight Empire, start here.
#177 A Dungeon Master's Work is Never Done.  January 1992.
	-Keeping the Party Going-- How do you get a half-orc, a dwarf, and an elf to work together?
	-That's Progress-- The technological invasion of fantasy games: Gunpowder and worse.
	-Secrets of the Master Revealed-- A great DM = 1% inspiration + 99% perspiration.
	-Defend Yourself!-- When there are too many dice, make your players roll them!
	-"If I Ruled the World..."-- Being a mad scientist is not just a job - it's an adventure!
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Bad super women: cybernetic, sorcerous, and just plain mean.
	-Defenders of the Hearth-- It isn't wise to look down on halfling specialty priests.
	-Think Big-- Elephants: they're unstoppable, they're impressive, and they have tons of trunk space.
	-Special Delivery From Outer Space-- Time flies with a temporal compressor for SJG's GURPS SPACE game.
#176 Secrets of the Elven Folk.  December 1991.
	-Servants of the Seldarine-- Try elven clerics with real power! Specialty priests of the faerie folk.
	-If You Need Help - Ask the Drow!-- Good-aligned drow? Visit Undermountain's temple of Eilistraee.
	-Propping Up Your Campaign-- Some game-mastering tools you might never have thought of - the Nerf ball, for 				instance.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Heroic castaways of the MARVEL UNIVERSE.
	-Playing in the Paleozoic-- An electric agnath? A long-jawed Erythrosuchus? Where do these guys come from, anyway?
	-Novel Ideas-- The Cleric Quintet: a new series arrives from Bob "Dark Elf" Salvatore.
#175 What Does It Take to Build a World?  November 1991.
	-Inventing the "Instant" Adventure-- You can improvise with the best of Dms - if you prepare for it.
	-The Perils of Prehistory-- Dinosaurs could be the least of your problems in fantasy time-travelling.
	-Creative Campaigns: A New Recipe-- New histories, new magic, and new universes: three keys to an all-new adventuring world.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- At last, for the first time, the incredible 3-D Man! (Who?)
	-Rhyme & Reason-- The Riddle in Gaming , Part 1: Some uses and examples...
	-The Answer is... the Riddle!-- The Riddle in Gaming , Part 2: ... and how to make up your own.
#174 You Haven't a Ghost of a Chance in Ravenloft.  October 1991.
	-Are You Having Bad Thoughts?-- Psionics: In Ravenloft, you can't even trust your own mind.
	-Out of the Mists-- Want to experience blind teror? Shake hands with a psionic lich.
	-Cry Wolf!-- Three new AD&D game monsters that are a howling success at frightening heroes.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- A blast from the past: Equinox returns! 
	-Bugged About Something?-- "Giant ants in AD&D games? Ha! They're nothing. Watch me while I jusAAAAAAAGGHHH!"
	-Novel Ideas-- How the DARK SUN novels were created, and where they are heading next.
	-The Possibilities Are Endless-- West End Games' TORG system has more beginnings than you can imagine.
	-Defeating More With Less-- A smart kobold is an archmage's nightmare. Here's proof.
	-Bazaar of the Bizare: Ioun Stones-- Lovely to look at, delightful to hold, a new ioun stone will never be sold.
	-The Dragon's Bestiary: Stony Fiends-- People are just dying to get ioun stones - and here's what's killing them.
#173 A Dark Sun Casts the Darkest Shadows.  September 1991.
	-The Monstrous Side of the DARK SUN world-- Man-eating halflings? Half-giants? Insect folk? And they're player characters?
	-A Letter From the Wanderer-- Thousands of undead roam Athas, and no two are ever alike.
	-Random Magic For Organized Minds-- When you pick up a spell scroll on blasted Athas, don't expect to find water breathing.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Staves-- Elminster reveals the secrets of a dozen new magical staves from the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting.
	-Magic Mangling Made Easy-- Don't get mad at those magic-users. Get even! 
	-Out of Your Chair, Into the Action-- Live-action role-playing: A look at some very interesting weekend warriors - and wizards.
	-Get Your Priorities Straight!-- Want to play AD&D game alignments in a completely different way?
	-The Sociology of the Flind-- What looks like a gnoll, but is a heck of a lot meaner?
#172 Dungeons Are Not For the Faint of Heart.  August 1991.
	-Seeing the Sights in Skullport-- Skullport: A great place to visit, if your insurance is paid up.
	-The Dragon's Bestiary-- Caves have the nastiest things living in them, like these three fine fellows.
	-The Ecology of the Galeb Duhr-- Just because it looks like a rock doesn't mean it has to act like one.
	-Into the Spirit of Things-- Spirit and divine magic of the strangest kind for your RUNEQUEST game.
	-Shining Armor-- When you care enough to send the very best, put an M1A1 Abrams tank in your TOP SECRET/S.I. game.
	-Completing the Complete Fighter-- Want to play a Viking , Mongol, or assassin warrior? Here's how.
	-Playing the Crowd-- The peasants are revolting! Rules for mob rule in your AD&D games.
	-Novel Ideas-- Two new series of high adventure and Gothic horror are coming.
	-Lone Wolves-- Two powerful wayfarers who travel the FORGOTTEN REALMS alone.
#171 Always Be Prepared For a Little Surprise.  July 1991.
	-Guest Editorial-- Role-playing and reality: The dividing line is thicker than some people think.
	-Who's Who Among Dragons-- Dragons, too, rule kingdoms in the D&D Known World.
	-Hunting Tanks Is Fun and Easy!-- Dragons, Hellfires, and the LAW: Anti-tank weapons in the TOP SECRET/S.I. game
	-The Making of a Monster-- If ya wanna play an orc, ya gotta think like an orc.
	-Care For a Drink?-- It can break a siege, end a drought, slay your enemies, and water your garden. What is it?
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Chris Powell needed an edge against crime. He got it - and how!
	-"It's Clobberin' Time!"-- If you want to pound super villains, you need super tactics.
	-101 Surprises in a Bag of Beans-- When you plant your bean, remember to stand back - way back! 
#170 Our Best Friends, Our Worst Enemies.  June 1991.
	-From Hatchling to Immortal Guardian-- A dragon's life (and afterlife) in the D&D game's Known World.
	-Crossing Dragon's With Everything-- When you cross a dragon with a chimera, you get trouble with three heads.
	-The Dragon's Bestiary: Wings of Iron-- Breath weapons you'll never believe! The deadly new ferrous dragons.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Are these villains dead? Alive? Both? Neither? You decide.
	-The Pitfalls of Game Mastering-- Being a good GM isn't just a hobby, it's a lot of work.
	-Novel Ideas-- When the going gets tough, call for the Harpers!