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Dragon Magazine #168-169

#169 Heroes Wanted - Some Risk Involved!  May 1991.
	-New Weapons For Old-- Get a claymore for your dwarf and a flamberge for your fighter.
	-Creative Casting-- Tenser's Floating Disc as a flying missile platform? You bet.
	-Learn Something New Every Day-- Whether you'd like to learn alchemy or street fighting , here's the article you need.
	-The Strategy of Tactics-- Should you bash the ogre or back off a bit? New melee tactics for the AD&D game.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- Who's the cycle-riding , flaming-skulled hero we all know and love?
	-In Harm's Way - At Home!-- If your super heroes like a little excitement, build them a danger room.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Daggers-- A return to the Realms for a look at a dozen deadly daggers.
#168 As the Wyrm Terns.  April 1991.
	-How to Role-play in One Easy Lesson-- All the secrets of role-playing , with none of the calories.
	-Merty's Manual of Magical Merchandise-- Breathe flame and surprise your friends with these great treasures.
	-Bazaar of the Bizarre: Maniacal Magic Items-- Another half-dozen treasures that Dungeon Masters will love.
	-Novel Ideas-- A trilogy and a sextet are on the way from the world of Krynn.
	-The MARVEL-Phile-- The MARVEL UNIVERSE, where change is the only constant.
	-Treasures More Real-- Do away with boring treasue hoards, and make the players think! 
	-Harpers Bold-- Two heroes of note in the land of the FORGOTTEN REALMS.
	-Why Spy?-- Espionage RPGs: The odds are you won't live to see tomorrow.