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Dragon Magazine #154

#154 War Travels on Rapid Wings.  February 1990.
	-Warrior Kings and Empire Builders-- Those at the top of the political mountain should watch their footing (and their allies).
	-The Making of a Paladin-- Paladins are made, not born, and the best are made over a lifetime.
	-All in the Family-- Heraldry adds a lot more to your campaign than fancy shields.
	-For King and Country-- You're in the army now, and it's a whole new game campaign!
	-How to Win Wars and Influence People-- Knowing when not to fight is just as important as knowing when you should.
	-Novel Ideas-- Meet three new books and their authors in our most "novel" column!
	-"Who Was That Masked Android?"-- If you think a pair of glasses will protect your super hero's identity, guess again!